Sakkara Heartsong – Hathors Wisdom

Sakkara Heartsong - Hathors Council

Sakkara Heartsong and the Wisdom of the Hathors Council

Sakkara’s full sensory perception co-creates each person experience with the over lighting Devas, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Angels and Monadic I AM Christ consciousness. Blending her knowledge and wisdom with the Hathors, this short, but profound session is life transforming.

About Sakkara

Sakkara Heartsong at age seven experienced being in an accident that changed her life dramatically; her clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient & gifts from precious interplanetary incarnations were activated.

Sakkara is a multidimensional master overtone sound healer (4 octave vocal range) and has the ability to receive the music of the spheres. She is also a Mayan Sh’men (female shaman) of the Heart of the Jaguar and High Priestess of Sacred Alchemies. And, Sakkara is a channel/emissary for the Hathors, Maters of Love and Sound.

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    Dear Sakkara Heartsong,

    I have been surfing the net and looking at Hathor related information this evening and I’m grateful to have found your website! I have watched the two youtube videos here and I resonate very deeply with how you speak and with the pure content of what you are focusing on! Beautiful to discover you this evening!

    I simply want to say hello and THANK YOU FOR BEING ; ) Thank you for inspiring me on my path of healing. I feel that these days are incredible days and I wish you the very best. Perhaps we will meet someday. I am an artist and a sound healer/singer. I have studied with Chloe Goodchild, Ariel Spilsbury, Yves Vial, and I stumbled upon a meeting with Tom Kenyon once at a large Rainbow Gathering…… I was singing in a dome and he told me that I channel the Hathors….. that was 2001…. and since then I’ve resonated deeply with all of the information that I have found in relation with Hathors.

    Light and Love
    Amy Elizabeth Frith

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