Rich Kelly – Gemstones of Siskiyou

Californite and Nephrite jade:  Gemstones of Siskiyou County

Rich Kelly and Michael FeehanRich Kelly and Michael Feehan will discuss these two rocks, Californite and Nephrite jade, the local history of the stones and how they find them. These rocks look very similar in many forms but are two different minerals, with different properties.  Rich and Michael will talk about where they find the stones and about the thrill of the search, and some of their important discoveries.

These two men have a great passion for what they do, and will discuss some of the adventures out in the wilds of Siskiyou county. If you love stones and rock hounding this is a presentation you will surely enjoy.

They both sell jewelry and other stone products, mostly made from local stones they find themselves. They will have a vendor booth at our outdoor festival.

About Rich and Michael

Rich Kelly (on the left in the photo) is the owner of South Fork Mining, located in Happy Camp, California. Rich specializes in stones found in Happy Camp, primarily Californite

Michael Feehan is the owner Siskiyou Stones, located in Mt Shasta, California and he specializes in Nephrite jade and other rocks in the county.

  • You can find Michael on Facebook: Michael Feehan

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